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Research and development are in the company DNA. The active interaction between internal and external research is the reality from which arise important technological innovations appreciated by our customers.

The collaboration with centers of excellence and universities allows a continuous flow of new ideas and production methods that contribute to keeping high the efficiency and quality of our solutions.

Inspired by the constant collaboration with the major foundries, Altea aims to develop systems able to meet the increasingly stringent demands of the market in terms of performance, consumption and reliability of the components.
Mr. Ambrogio Pogliani is present as a lecturer at the die-casting, gravity and low pressure school in Brescia.

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Il project “2mm”

Altea within the context of Project 2mm

Within the context Project 2 millimeters, Altea took care of the research and the study of solid lubricants that allow to preserve the decay of the paints applied on the molds and improve the flow of the material.

By studying and implementing the application of powder release agents, the contribution of Altea allowed a better flow of the cast material and detachment of the product, as well as a lower wear of the paints. The benefit, deriving from participation in the project for Altea, allowed the possibility of developing an integrated management system for the mold lubrication.

The efforts have made it possible to improve the electrostatic efficiency of the produced Altea equipment and to better overcome the Faraday cages present on gravity and low pressure molds.

Altea is currently engaged in perfecting the system of treating inorganic sand cores which allows a better decoring of the castings without changing the fundamental characteristics of the inorganic sand cores.

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  • Research and study of formulation for powder release agents

  • Study and development of dry lubrication systems

  • Study and implementation of a powder coating system for inorganic sand cores

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