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Aluminium forging

The main objective pursued in the aluminum forging cycle is to eliminate graphite oils which, in addition of creating an unpleasant working environment, have a tendency to lower the temperature of the dies. Including the Dry Lub System, most of these problems have been solved and an excellent quality of the forged piece has been obtained.

A thermo-melting dry lubricant is applied to each production cycle which guarantees a good lubrication and does not reduce the temperature of the molds, improving the sliding of the alloy. This system, developed eight years ago for the “COBAPRESS” cycle and is obtaining great results for the classic forging of aluminum.



  • Good lubrication

  • Keeping constant the mold temperature

  • Elimination of graphite oils

  • Cleaner work environment

How the DRY LUB SYSTEM works

The Dry Lub System is an Altea patented product. It took us a lot of time and hard work to develop and test this system, during which other high-performing equipment and products were created. A hot-melt dry lubricant is applied at every production cycle. This operation ensures good lubrication and does not reduce the temperature of the dies. When it comes into contact with the hot mould, the product distributed electrostatically melts, expanding to the deepest points. This way, it creates a highly efficient release film, without leaving the moulds dirty.

Quality advantages on the finished piece

  • Absence of superficial halos

  • No residual release agent on the finished product

  • Excellent finish in anodizing

  • Better quality of complex parts and in the presence of writings

  • Mold always hot and clean (liquid graphite is eliminated)

  • The release agent in powder is composed only of active parts

  • High-quality plastic deformation

  • Work station and clean press edge


Watch how it works

Live videos shot during the clients’ production cycle.

Any doubts?

Check out our FAQ section. Contact us if you don’t find the answer you were looking for.

The existing system can be used?2021-02-01T12:17:37+01:00

No, it must be bypassed because the powder has not to get in contact with liquids and suitable nozzles are required.

How are the tests performed?2021-02-01T12:16:45+01:00

The tests are carried out with one of our equipment to be connected to 220 V current and to an air connection. They are performed with a spraying lance moved manually.

Is it possible to carry out a test?2021-02-01T12:15:45+01:00

Initial tests are carried out completely free of charge.

If the castings will be stored in the warehouse for prolonged periods, do the parts undergo oxidation?2021-02-01T12:14:15+01:00

No, as our lubricant leaves no residue.

Are your release agents also able to lubricate the mold?2021-02-01T12:12:29+01:00

Yes. Our release agents in addition to the detaching power are formed by compounds that hot melt on the surface of the hot mold.


For the production of complex parts: not symmetrical, with narrow radii and different thicknesses, how is the behavior of Altea release agents?2021-02-01T12:11:14+01:00

Supplying the minimum quantity of release agent by the Dry Lub System, excessive deposits and plastic deformation of the metal are avoided and regular in all points; moreover on parts where there are acronyms, the characters are well highlighted.

Are there any difficulties with subsequent surface treatments?2021-02-01T12:09:26+01:00

No, indeed the finishing of the surface improves.

How does the casting appears using the Dry Lub System?2021-02-01T12:08:12+01:00

The result of the casting product is brilliant and without streaks.

Is the powder toxic?2021-02-01T12:02:40+01:00

The products used are non-toxic and largely fall within the parameters established by the EC.

How is the powder applied?2021-02-01T12:01:38+01:00

The powder lubricant is applied electrostatically with our Dry Lub System. This system allows to distribute a micro layer of product on the surface of the mold.

Can graphite be eliminated in forging?2021-02-01T12:00:10+01:00

Yes. It is possible to eliminate liquid graphite by using our powder release agents.

Are you interested in our DRY LUB SYSTEM?

Dry Lub System technology for aluminium forging

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Dry Lyb System
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Aluminium forging
Aluminium forging

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Dry Lub System ®

Dry mold lubrication system (DLS).

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