Design and construction
of systems for dry lubrication

of molds in the casting and extrusion of light alloys.

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Who we are

Altea specializes in the design and construction of systems and equipments for the dry lubrication of die-casting molds and gravity and low-pressure casting of light alloys, extrusion and aluminium forging. The Altea patented systems are marketed under the registered name “Dry Lub System“.

Located in Monticelli Brusati, province of Brescia, Altea is innovating the field of lubrication for almost 20 years with proprietary solutions with high technological impact.

A complete range of release agents, lubricants for aluminium, zamak, magnesium die-casting, as well as specific powders for gravity and low pressure aluminium casting.
Altea’s primary target is to create equipments that help containing costs, respect the environment and improve the production. Over 200 equipments installed and operating in the world are the best guarantee of the reliability and impact of Dry Lub System, because with Altea the future of lubrication is reality.

DRY LUBRICATION for each sector of the light alloy foundry

  • To improve the system in use

  • To reach a better performance

  • To optimize the production times, to improve the quality

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