Brass extrusion

The external lubrication of the billet for the extrusion of brass billets has been achieved successfully.

The study started from the need to increase the life of the container and to facilitate the cleaning operation of the internal surface of the container.
After six months of work and some unpleasant initial imperfections, often caused by a machine downtime, which also have also been eliminated, the results have been achieved with satisfaction.

The application of the dry powder lubricant is performed electrostatically by using a very low amount of product (about 6/8 g for a 2000 mm billet with a  300 mm)
The lubrication head, specially designed according to the customer’s needs, is placed between the loader that carries the hot billet (800° C) and the loading system designed to position the billet in the container.


  • Longer container life

  • Easy cleaning operation for the remaining brass residue at the inside of the container

  • Reduction of downtime

  • Application on the entire surface of the billet

  • Graphite-free, non-fluxing, non-polluting and non-flammable release agent

  • Very low maintenance

How the Dry Lub System works DRY LUB SYSTEM

The Dry Lub System for brass extrusion can be used both, for the lubrication of the billet surface and for the die and die holder. The high electrostatic efficiency, the micro dosage of the amount of powder, combined with the effective shielding system of the dispensing head, allow excellent adhesion of the powder dispensed. Thanks to the Dry Lub System, waste and dispersions into the environment are eliminated. Furthermore, no residues remain on the extrusion products.

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Dry Lub System technology for brass extrusion

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estrusione dell'ottone
estrusione dell'ottone
estrusione dell'ottone

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