Fields of application of the


This lubrication system is suitable for any type of production.

Aluminium die-casting

  • No drying required
  • Less casting porosity
  • Increased life-span of the dies

Zinc pressure die-casting

  • More compact surface
  • Drastically reduced micro-porosity
  • Easier treatments

Magnesium die-casting

  • No oxygen
  • Improved safety
  • Improved quality

Rotor die-casting

  • Reduced cycle times
  • Improved finished product
  • Less waste upon production start-up

Gravity and low-pressure casting

  • Improved aluminium flow
  • Increased paint duration
  • Less machine downtime

Aluminium extrusion

  • More efficient release
  • Cleaner environment
  • Low consumption

Aluminium forging

  • No oils
  • Constant mould temperature
  • Improved quality of the pieces

Inorganic core coating

  • Altea’s exclusive
  • Reduced sintering
  • Improved earthwork

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